6 Mar 2013

old favourites

It dawned on me a few days ago that as my search for a new job is progressing , soon enough I might not be able to carry with my habit of wearing whatever I want to work. Most of the recent places that I sent my applications for are more corporate than the workplaces I worked in and to be honest, although it's still a long process somewhere inside I'm both excited and scared of the thought that I might need to rethink how I'm dressing for work. Thinking about this made me seek comfort in some old favourites hiding in my wardrobe. This outfit is nothing to write about home and I've featured all of those items previously, but those three items might be the best representation of what casual work attire means to me and I think that in the next few months while I keep looking for a job I'll try to go back to my old favourites more often so I can celebrate the freedom of wearing whatever I want to work as long as I can.

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