7 Mar 2013

&other stories - a sneak peak

Images : stories.com

Earlier today, an email landed in my mail box inviting me to take a sneak-peak at H&M's new sister store &Other Stories so I couldn't resist and had to check out the website, I believe the official launch is tomorrow and I don't remember signing up to the mailing list but a sneak peak was more than welcome and got me quite excited.
I'm really impressed with the variety, I've seen some of the lookbooks online previously but never got around to going through everything properly so I was really excited to have a quick look and was actually surprised as I remember reading on more than one occasion that the store's price range will be 
higher than what we're used to with H&M and sister brand COS , however I have to admit that the price range is really varied which made me quite happy as there are a lot of great items that are quite affordable (some of the accessories start at less than £10 and clothing ranges from around 15£ for simple tops to over £100 for jackets and coats) and as usual I already have my eyes set on some interesting items but I'll have to hold myself as I'll be in London tomorrow just in time for the store opening so would probably have a verdict after I visit the store but so far everything looks tempting, even the gorgeously designed beauty products!

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  1. Hmmm very interesting, I'm gonna take a look!