24 Mar 2013

Out of the suitcase

Yes, it's the dreaded jacket again ! I'm finally at home with my family after a long day of missed flights and missed connections (thank you spring snow !) and one missing suitcase which means I have to rely on whatever I brought with me in my carry-on bag until my suitcase is tracked somewhere in Europe. Luckily , I know flight connections have a tendency to go wrong so I took a couple of items in my carry-on preparing for worst case scenario and I'm really glad I did. 
I was expecting the weather to be really warm but it's actually a little chilly which means I have to rely on the only jacket I actually brought with me. The only two other lighter items I put in my carry on were a grey baseball style t-shirt and a wrap skirt from H&M and those are currently the only items I have but luckily they work together just fine although I'd be really sad if my suitcase is not going to be tracked down in the next few days but to be honest I can't complain now, I'm at home with my family , the weather is lovely and after last week which has been absolutely mad I really appreciate having some quiet time to relax and unwind .

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  1. And this look is stunning!!! Enjoy your time with your family**