26 Mar 2013

Welcome to my home town - Tel Aviv - part 1

I thought I'd take this opportunity and write a little bit about the city I was born and lived most of my life in, I think it is a good break from unimaginative outfit posts and an opportunity for me to write about something a little different.

So yes, I was born in Tel Aviv, Israel and lived there for the majority of my life until I decided to make the move to England 4 years ago and while I live in England and love every minute (oh well, maybe not the snow part) , I still miss my hometown very much and this is why I decided to share some of the photos I snap here over the next few days.

Naturally my first stop was the seasisde, it's probably the thing I miss the most now and usually this is the first thing I do when I get back to Tel Aviv. Nothing beats a quiet walk on the beach to help you clear your head!
I'm looking forward to a proper visit to the beach as I only had time to take a quick walk so far.

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  1. I never thought Tel Aviv looked this beautyful!!