3 Mar 2013

Spring vibes

I go out one sunny weekend afternoon and come back with all sorts of bright and shiny items ? Well, it might just be the combination of the first week of March and the somewhat sunny weekend that made me feel slightly relieved that the winter is almost behind us. It's still cold outside but it didn't deter me from trying out a new pair of sunglasses (H&M , I can't bear buying expensive sunglasses because I always end up losing them) this progressed on to some nail polish and ended up with this bright red semi-transparent bag that I couldn't avoid. I mentioned last week that I quite like the clear accessories trend and this bag definitely caught me, it's different from the sort of handbags I would usually buy and red is probably one of those colours I usually not go for but this bag totally got me and I'm actually looking forward to using it to add a little bit of colour to my outfits ! 

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