27 Mar 2013

The mac

So here's one of those items that I can say my mum made me buy or actually begged me to buy before I went on holidays and for which I really should thank her as it turned out to be a great find!
It's just a simple black mac but I absolutely love it. I dropped it into my suitcase after she told me I should probably take a light jacket with me and I'm actually really glad I did. I never owned a mac before and never actually thought of trying one on but I really like this one from H&M because it's light and a little slouchy rather than tailored and structured and it's been a blessing to have one here on holiday with me as the weather was really not as warm as I expected and I got tired of wearing my varsity jacket over and over again for a few days.
In general I must say I've been really lazy, with my suitcase only arriving yesterday I found myself happily relying one skirt, one jacket and two t-shirts but today has been a little cold and the mac which came with my suitcase yesterday, was very handy for all the running around I had to do as the weather was so unsettled for most of the day  and I'd really be happy if I get more use of it when I return to England although at the moment it doesn't seem like it's going to happen soon with the weather at the moment but I'm trying to keep being positive and hope the long winter will end soon.

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