5 Nov 2013

New in : the Maanii bumbag

So last week , I caved in and decided I'm going to get this Maanii handbag which I wrote about a couple of weeks ago and this morning it finally arrived. I find it really hard to call it a bumbag, it is shaped a little bit like a bumbag, but it's really far from the bumbags I  remember from my early teens somewhere in the 90's. This bag is actually more of a cross body bag which instantly wins points in my opinion. 
The leather is really soft and there's plenty of space for me to throw in a bottle of water, my headphones , a wallet and even a small book (yes, I love to overload my bags) and of course there's the slouchy shape and the chain straps and details. 
Overall I'm really happy with this purchase, clearly my bag obsession lately has gone a bit too far but this bags definitely ticks all of the practicality points for me which means no more bag shopping any time soon!

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