12 Nov 2013

New territories

I finally felt brave enough to wear this jumper today! It's so hard when you get stuck on wearing a very specific range of colours to suddenly wear something that is so far off from what you're used too. At least this is how I felt when I bought this jumper from H&M and it took me a couple of weeks to actually summon the courage to wear it and feel comfortable in it but I really love this jumper, it's definitely nothing ground breaking but it's making me happy knowing that every once in a while I can actually try out something new and different. I sometimes wonder how my wardrobe would have looked like if it wasn't for my mother's love or dark and grey clothing? I always remember her very strict shopping rules, one was 'when in doubt go for the black' and it's a strategy I adopted fully as soon as I started buying my own clothes and since then found it hard to move away from but I guess this sudden outburst of me trying to bend the ridiculous rules I adopted is a positive change that will help me try and get some more colour into my wardrobe and try new things!

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