13 Dec 2013

Work from home

There's no better way to start the weekend then actually working from home on a Friday ! My job gives me a bit of flexibility and in the run-down to Christmas things are getting quieter so today was the perfect day to take things easy and skip the mad rush into the office and setup my temporary office in my local cafe. To celebrate my work from home moment, I decided to dress appropriately for my work session and pretty much wear 'whatever' because no one would actually care. I always enjoy finding a good excuse for a lazy outfit and this one is certainly the mother of all lazy outfits, just put a giant cardigan on whatever you wear and you're sorted! I have no idea why but I decided it would be absolutely essential to wear a necklace to 'break all the black' before I packed my laptop and shuffled down the street to start my 'working from home' day, I suppose it does give a bit of a 'glamourous' touch to this outfit that could perfectly double-up as a pyjama any other day. 

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